Solar Led Street Lights – A Step Towards Green Technology

In the following article, you will know about the pricing, advantages & disadvantages of a solar street light. You can use the information to develop some knowledge about solar street lights.

You will notice that some developed countries are using a solar led street light to save electricity costs. In the last five to six years, solar lights’ popularity has increased because it’s a shift towards renewable energy sources, promoting green technology. These solar lights are more effective as they have inbuilt with a photoreceptor that detects the dark and turns on the light. It helps the people to get the lights when they needed it the most as you can’t set a timer daily for the street lights.

Pricing of the solar light

Comparing the cost of these solar-powered street lights to the conventional street lighting, they are comparatively cheaper than them.  The solar street light price is not that much as you can buy a 100W solar street light in around 3000 to 1200 rupees.

Advantages of using solar street light

  • The electricity produced by the solar panel of the solar street light is non-pollutive.
  • The maintenance cost is lesser than the conventional street light.
  • The risk of accidents is almost over as there are wires in the solar street lights.

Disadvantages of using a solar street light

  • In the beginning, you have to spend too much money on the solar system as it includes solar panels, wiring, inverter, batteries, and installations. You can assume that the prices will go down as the technology is developing, and there is so many solar street light supplier are taking an interest in making it easier for use.
  • As you know, these solar street lights are weather-dependent. The efficiency of these lights is better in sunlight while it drops on a cloudy or rainy day. It doesn’t mean that these lights cannot collect solar energy on cloudy days, but they are not that effective. At night, the solar energy cannot be stored in the batteries as there is no sunlight, which is slightly a disadvantage.

Solar energy storage is expensive as you need to use it right away or store it in batteries and these batteries are quite expensive. You can buy solar street lights from various suppliers, but the price range differs from each other according to its storage capacity.

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