Switching To Windows 10 Home? Check All Details Here!

If you had your issues with Windows 8.1, like most users, Microsoft Windows 10 promises to change the experience. Windows 10 has been launched in two basic versions – Home and Pro. Windows 10 Pro, as the name suggests, has more features and is geared towards businesses and commercial needs, while Windows 10 Home is meant for regular users. That said, Windows 10 Home doesn’t lack as many features – a complaint that people had with the previous versions of the OS. To use the new one, you will need a Windows 10 Home key. In this post, we are discussing a few details worth knowing.

The basics of Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home is the base edition of the OS, and it comes with the all-new Start Menu, which was previously missing from Windows 8.1. Even the desktop users of Windows 10 Home get the digital voice assistant – Cortana – that was previously reserved for digital voice assistant. The Home version also gets features like Battery saver and Windows Hello. For the uninitiated, Windows Hello is the new security feature that relies on Biometrics. The Snap assist feature is also available for Home users, which allows one to use four different apps on one screen. Continuum allows users to shift from Home/Desktop mode to tablet mode easily.

Windows 10 also marks the launch of Microsoft Edge – a new browser that’s certain a notch higher than Internet Explorer. While the Home version does have Microsoft Passport, it doesn’t have as many security features as Windows 10 Pro. If you are a regular user, Windows 10 Home should suffice in the nutshell.

How to switch to Windows 10 Home?

You can download and install Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website, as long as you have a stable connection, and until that point, you don’t need a key. A product key is needed to activate Windows, which can be purchased at a discount from many third-party vendors. The Vendor will send the key to your email, and you can go to Settings and activate Windows 10 Home immediately. A genuine key is a onetime investment and will offer all the new updates in the future, without any extra charges or purchases.

In conclusion, Windows 10 Home is the ultimate OS in recent years, and if you have activated it using a genuine key, you should have no problems using the personalization, security and other features.

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