3 Qualities To Look For In A Car Meant For Outdoor Adventure

If you love being outside and going on outdoor adventures, you’re likely going to need a car that allows you to go where you want without getting stuck or worrying about being stranded. Knowing this, you might need more than your average vehicle. 

To help you in figuring this out for the type of outdoor adventures you love, here are three qualities to look for in a car meant for outdoor adventure. 

High Clearance

To get to a lot of the places where people love to do outdoor activities, you will likely have to go off the beaten path. But to get here, you’ll need a car that can maneuver the roads or trails you’ll be using. 

In most cases, one of the best things to look for in a car meant for outdoor adventure is high clearance. What this means, according to Hearst Auto Research and CarAndDriver.com, is that your car can get over big bumps in the road or handle uneven and challenging terrain without destroying your car or getting stuck on anything in your path. While you can get your car raised so that it has higher clearance, getting a car that’s meant for off-roading will often prove to be better for you since the car is meant to go on harder roads without missing a beat. 

All-Wheel Drive Or 4-Wheel Drive

For some outdoor activities, you’ll be outside when the weather isn’t great. Like if you’re a hunter, you’ll usually be hunting and wearing hunting apparel in the fall, which could have cold weather that you’ll have to drive through. Because of this, you’ll likely want to have a car that has all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

According to Wes Siler, a contributor to OutsideOnline.com, a car with 4WD will give you the most traction possible as you’re driving outside and on dangerous roads. So if you’re planning on hitting the backcountry or need to get over very rough terrain as part of your exploration, opting for 4WD will be your best bet. 

Ample Cargo Space

Having a lot of outdoor adventures that you go on likely means that you also have a lot of outdoor gear that you’ll be taking with you on these adventures. Because of this, you’re going to need enough space in your car for all of those who will be coming on your trip with you and all of their gear. Especially if you’re doing things like camping, hiking, or water sports, Miles Branman, a contributor to Autobytel.com, shares that you’ll likely have a lot of equipment to safely tote around with you. 

If you love outdoor adventures and need a car to take on your trips, consider using the tips mentioned above to find a car with the qualities you desire. 

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