Ombori Grid Introduces BOPIS Solution; Makes Shopping Easier, Safer, and More Effective

Long before the internet was as widely used and relied upon as it is today, shopping involved hoping that the items you needed were in stock when you arrived. The age of the internet has obviously changed the way we approach our traditional retail adventures, from both the perspective of employees and shoppers. Furthering this change has been the COVID-19 pandemic and its corresponding fall-out, dramatically altering our perception of togetherness while underlining the importance of social distancing for safety’s sake.

Now, more and more businesses are turning to the BOPIS method of customer service. BOPIS simply means Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store. Consider how you could order an item online for pick-up at a nearby retail location. This is BOPIS and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become one of the most common purchasing methods in the world. Let’s explore the process while detailing how the team at Ombori Grid can empower you to improve your business.

What is the BOPIS Process?

If you have not implemented a BOPIS strategy at your place of work, it might be time to consider doing so. Ombori Grid is a prominent developer of BOPIS solutions and through their meaningful efforts, retailers everywhere can embrace the concept.

BOPIS provides customers the chance to select the shopping experience that they desire, picking where and when they want to shop while selecting a pick-up time. BOPIS processes follow a simple strategy, which we will unveil below.

  1. Buy Online Or Through a Mobile App – The first step in the BOPS process is browsing goods either online or through a convenient mobile application. Done the right way, this is the beginning and end of an effective BOPIS experience. Shoppers will find their products at any time of the day or night and select a convenient time to pick up their things.
  2. Retailer Inputs the Order – After the order is placed online it is shipped to the retail outlet or their local shipping facility. At this point, employees within your company will prepare the order for the arrival of the customer.
  3. Pick Up In-Store – The final step of the BOPIS process is a simple one. After making an online order, the customer is given pick-up directions and details. They get to pick where and when they pick up their items while offering further features such as curbside pick-up.

The Many Benefits of BOPIS

Implementing a BOPIS strategy with help from the Ombori Grid can be the first step down a long and successful journey. Successful BOPIS strategies can boost sales while endearing businesses to their clients, as well as the following benefits.

  • Minimal Shipping Costs – Instead of paying for shipments to home, customers can avoid shipping costs altogether by sending their items to the local store for pick-up.
  • Priority Service – Thanks to quick and convenient digital processing, BOPIS options are ideal for providing a priority service to customers. BOPIS orders can be input, prepared, and fulfilled within hours.
  • Maintain Inventory – Customers will always know that their items are in stock and their time is valuable when they order for BOPIS.

BOPIS is here to stay as it has been successfully integrated at varying major locations, including Best Buy, Home Depot, and Nordstrom Local.

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