3 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Will Work For Your Business, Today.

The business world has become a highly competitive marketplace and before you only had to worry about your nearest competitors on the high street or in your town or city. Now, you have to compete with the rest of the world and the number of competitors are growing every day. The internet has changed everything and now people can go online and have a look around an online store and if there is something that they like, they order it with a click of the mouse and it is sent from countries thousands of miles away. It is now more important that ever to be able to reach potential customers and traditional methods of marketing are not as effective as they used to be. More and more people are watching less television now. Even less are listening to the radio and we don’t read newspapers and magazines in order to get our news, we just log into the internet and get it there. We are now able to block all unsolicited advertising with popular apps and it has become really difficult for companies to reach new customers.

However, there is a solution for those of us who live in Malaysia and it is a specific SMS blast tool for Malaysian businesses. This tool allows us to be able to experience the benefits of SMS marketing that is taking the marketing world be storm. Here are some of the many methods of using this type of marketing to reach your customers.

  1. SMS marketing allows us to create a more personalised experience for your prospective customers. We get so many email messages now and advertising that isn’t specifically aimed at us personally and we are bombarded with this stuff every day. It would be nice to receive a message that is actually aimed at us specifically and SMS marketing allows you to do that. Nobody wants to be just a statistic, but they will pay attention to something that is personal and relevant.
  1. SMS marketing gives you immediate results because 98% of messages are opened and the majority are opened within the first 3 minutes of receiving them. That’s an open rate that you don’t get with any other medium of advertising. It is a perfect way to tell customers about last minute deals, special events or you just want to wish them a happy Christmas. If a customer knows that they are going to get a better deal today and only today, they are more liable to take you up on your offer.
  1. The return on investment is the yardstick that businesses use when they pick their method of advertising. SMS marketing offers a fantastic return on your investment and a recent example of that is when a well known venue for motor racing sent a message to 45,000 potential customers for an invitation to buy tickets to their event. That one message gave them a whopping 680 % return on their investment.

SMS marketing works, so you can’t afford to get left behind when your competitors are sprinting away from you. Find out more about it today and increase your company’s profits.

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