Beware of this Black Hat SEO Signs for Good

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when a keyword comes up on a website numerous times weirdly in order to show up in good rankings on Google search. You may have come across many keywords or phrases which are unnaturally phrased or used out of content. This is one of the signs of keyword stuffing. It can be hard to identify as Google keep changing its guidelines every now and then on the percentage of keyword to be displayed in the content. The best way to seek keyword stuffing is to have a look at title, intro and meta description. If it is used unnatural number of times or the sentences doesn’t seem relevant, be wary. Hire SEO or digital companies in singapore to determine the frequency of keywords to be used in your content.

Hidden links                                                                                                  

As the name suggests, hidden links are usually the user cannot see. But the search engine spiders consider them when ascertaining the website ranking. Google webmaster claims outlaws like text placement behind an image, text with zero font size, off screen links, linking small part of texts, using white background with white text. To have a complete list of website links, you can use SEO tools to analyze the profile with ease.

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